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Fontographer crashes with a -30202 error in Windows NT or Windows 2000

Problem: There have been a few reports of this error which we have not been able to reproduce. The only evidence that has surfaced is that the error is related to an internal problem with the operating system. The -30202 error is listed among Microsoft's error messages as "an invalid 16 bit application is installed. The Vdd registry entry is invalid." Fontographer is a 32 bit application and there is nothing 16 bit that Fontographer is installing.
There is a strong possibility that the error message is bogus. In reality, the problem seems to be a RAM allocation issue

Solution 1

Our suggestion is that you edit the Virtual Memory settings in order to function with Fontographer's older memory management.

Fontlab cannot offer tech support on how to set Virtual Memory for your machine. For detailed instructions on Virtual Memory settings see Microsoft tech note Q259184.

Use Microsoft's tech note to navigate to Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced and then select the Performance Options button and then the Change button under the Virtual Memory group. Most users have been successful while using settings of 500mb for Initial and 500mb for Maximum. The most likely reason is that Fontographer was written before the large memory models used today were available.

Set the Initial and Maximum sizes both to the same value. It is recommended that you select a partitioned drive, if one is available and has sufficient free disk space.Be sure to click on the Set button to apply the new settings.

Restart your machine and attempt to run Fontographer. If Fontographer runs, your next challenge will be to see if the smaller Virtual memory setting affects the performance of other applications. If this is the case, you will need to use the new settings when using Fontographer and create a Hardware Profile to restart the machine with the old settings for running your system normally.

Solution 2

Some users who have reinstalled Windows and then reinstalled Fontographer in Safe Mode or NT VGA mode have been able to work around this problem. Try reinstalling Fontographer in Safe Mode.

  1. Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove - use this control panel to remove Fontographer - do NOT drag Fontographer to the trash. If there is a message stating that "not all items could be removed", the Windows Registry has trash in it which must be removed. All occurrences of Fontographer items in the Registry must be deleted. Fontlab Tech Support cannot be responsible for editing which users make to the Registry.
  2. Insert the Fontographer CD and drag the Fontographer setup.exe installer to the C: drive.
  3. Restart the machine in Safe mode - i.e., holding down F8 while restarting. Or select NT VGA mode when restarting NT.
  4. Double-click the setup.exe installer.
  5. Restart in normal mode.

If this doesn't work, reinstalling Windows has worked for some users. After the software has successfully installed, reboot the system again. Launch Fontographer (you'll need to reenter the serial number) and try working with Fontographer again, to see if the issue has been resolved.