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What's next for Fontographer?

OS compatibility and bug fix upgrade:
It has been a little while since Fontographer had a maintenance upgrade to improve compatibility with current operating systems. Our first priority will be to undertake such an upgrade to make Fontographer completely compatible with Macintosh OS X and Windows XP. We estimate this will take a few months and hope to be able to release this upgrade late this year.

New features?:
Once the maintenance upgrade is out of the way then we intend to embark on a features upgrade. Give us your ideas. Fontographer is aimed at the desktop publishing and graphic design market. We want to make it the best tool possible for designers and publishers who are on deadlines and need to get typographical tasks done in a hurry. If you have thoughts about how to improve the interface, new tools, simpler processes, etc. then send us an email to fogideas@fontlab.com. We welcome all suggestions.

Since feature upgrades take a bit longer we expect that this next version done will get done sometime in 2006.

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