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Fontographer Technical and Customer Support

Serial Number and Download Problems:
If your serial number doesn't work or you are having a problem downloading the Fontographer installation file then please send an email to our orders department ( and they'll sort it out for you.

How do I ...?:
Want a quick tutorial on glyph editing? Need to know if there is an easy way to accomplish some font update task? Would a lesson on hinting help you? Jim Gallagher, Der Fontmeister, offers expert font and font editor advice from his perch at Jim has been working with Fontographer for 10+ years and there's nothing he doesn't know about the product. If you have a general question, need some Fontographer counseling, or just have a tough typography problem then Jim's your man.

Technical Problems:
If you're having difficulty getting Fontographer installed; if it crashes your system; or if it's exhibiting bizarre behavior then please send a support ticket to us. At the support ticket page you'll fill in details about your system and setup to give Jim the background information he needs. If there is an error message or window please take a screen shot of it and submit it along with the ticket. If it's a particular font that's causing the problem then please send that along too.


If you're running Fontographer on Windows and crashing with a 30202 error then see the technote here.


If you're running Fontographer on Mac and having OS X issues then please read the technote here.

FOG ideas

If you've got an idea to improve FOG, send it to us here.


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